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Cost Breakthroughs


Critical breakthrough in energy storage costs

  • radically less expensive, simpler, and more durable than batteries

  • no new, rare or toxic materials - just steel pressure vessels and water

  • fact: the heat capacity
    of water is ~3x molten
    ~5x concrete,
    ~8x iron

a simple energy storage breakthrough


  • steam piston engine has a much wider input pressure range for efficient operation than a turbine

  • multiplies the SAES energy storage capacity at no additional cost

  • follows rapidly varying loads using valve timing, with no inefficient steam throttling loss

steam accumulator energy storage (SAES)


Reduced pressure vessel cost

by exploiting a low-cost technology brought to scale for natural gas pipelines

  • submerged spiral arc welding (SSAW) is a significant evolution reducing pressure vessel cost

  • the equipment was perfected by industry in response to the demand surge in high-pressure gas pipelines driven by fracking 


Prefabricated solar concentrator

  • end-to-end design for automation
    factory ⇒ shipping ⇒ onsite installation ⇒ maintenance

  • 3:1 installed cost reduction vs. prior industry solar concentrators

  • 10:1 reduction of installation labour hours, greatly reduced construction time

  • classic Linear Fresnel format ⇒ nothing new in functional principles, just designed for prefabrication and  automated installation

PSC Segment


Solar concentrator design

  • For conventional CSP, wind load necessitates heavy, expensive structures and foundations

⇒ Terrajoule PSC’s compact no-gap format reduces the wind load and material per square metre, and increases land use efficiency

  • Conventional CSP is limited by high labour hours and long construction times

⇒ Terrajoule PSC’s compact format enables factory prefabrication and pre-assembly of components that ship in standard shipping containers
⇒ end-to-end design for automation carries through automated installation onsite, reducing labour 10:1

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