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Terrajoule Energy Inc. (Palo Alto, California, and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India) is the fruit of a multi-year collaboration.  These teams have made significant contributions and will continue to do so moving forward:

Core Team

Key innovators and drivers from the original Terrajoule Corporation (USA) team, founded 2009. Terrajoule Energy Inc. has acquired the IP of Terrajoule Corporation.

logo - Empereal KGDS 2022-04-04.jpg

                   Empereal - KGDS

Coimbatore, India

Empereal is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management (EPCM) with a world-leading record implementing solar thermal projects; Empereal is a key partner in developing, piloting and scaling the Terrajoule technology.

logo - New Leaf NLO-01-0020-03=LOGOS-PowerPoint_centred_lowercase_nobackground_PNG.png

             New Leaf Technologies

Vancouver, Canada

New Leaf de-risks renewable technologies in solar, wind, and buildings; New Leaf de-risked Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator (PSC).

photo - Steve Bisset 1.jpg

Steve co-founded Terrajoule Corporation (USA) in 2009 and led the company through its restart as Terrajoule Energy.  Steve is a successful technology entrepreneur (founder & CEO of Megatest, IPO NASDAQ: MEGT).

Steve Bisset
CEO, Director & Co-Founder

photo - Alex Lau 1.jpg

Alex is Vice President of Golden Properties Ltd. (Vancouver), and an investor in several ground-breaking clean technology companies.

Alex Lau
Chairman, Co-Founder, Investor

photo - Roop Karihaloo 1.jpg

Roop helped pioneer solar+storage in India and has over 35 years of solar industry experience.

Roop Karihaloo


VP Marketing

photo - Andrew Murdoch.jpeg

Andrew has been a leader in every aspect of Terrajoule's technology development since 2009.

Andrew Murdoch
Chief Engineer


Dr. Ashok Bakthavathsalam
Managing Director

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Dr. S. P. Viswanathan

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Dr. C. Suresh Kumar
Executive VP & R&D Director

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Shinu M. Varghese
VP - Technology

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