Terrajoule Energy Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) is the fruit of a multi-year collaboration.  These teams have made significant contributions and will continue to do so moving forward:

Core Team

Key innovators and drivers from the original Terrajoule Corporation (USA) team, founded 2009. Terrajoule Energy Inc. has acquired the IP of Terrajoule Corporation.

Colorado, USA

Full service, multi-discipline, project development and execution company; advised on the Terrajoule architecture; validated the Terrajoule performance model.

             New Leaf Technologies

Vancouver, Canada

Wind and renewable energy technology developer; developed Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator (PSC); owned by Golden Properties and co-located with Terrajoule in the Golden Properties building.

Hamburg, Germany

Source of the enabling steam engine technology, essential contributors to the Terrajoule architecture, exclusive technology partner to Terrajoule Energy Inc.

photo - Steve Bisset 1.jpg

Steve co-founded Terrajoule Corporation (USA) in 2009 and led the company through its restart as Terrajoule Energy.  Steve is a successful technology entrepreneur (founder & CEO of Megatest, IPO NASDAQ: MEGT).

Steve Bisset
CEO, Director & Co-Founder

photo - Alex Lau 1.jpg

Alex is Vice President of Golden Properties Ltd. (Vancouver), and an investor in several ground-breaking clean technology companies.

Alex Lau
Chairman, Co-Founder, Investor

photo - Christian Ancker 2.jpg

Christian is a successful serial entrepreneur and major shareholder in Spilling Technologies GmbH (Hamburg).  Christian has led Spilling's collaboration with Terrajoule since 2016.

Christian Ancker

photo - Roop Karihaloo 1.jpg

Roop helped pioneer solar+storage in India and has over 35 years of solar industry experience.

Roop Karihaloo


VP of international business & partnership development

photo - Andrew Murdoch.jpeg

Andrew has been a leader in every aspect of Terrajoule's technology development since 2009.

Andrew Murdoch
Senior Mechanical Engineer

photo - Pat Rezza.jpeg

Pat served as COO of Terrajoule USA and led the technology development from the proof-of-concept stage toward a mass-producible commercial product.

Pat Rezza
Senior Project Specialist

photo - Heiko Dittmer.jpg

Dr. Dittmer supports the Spilling team in transferring its enabling technology to high-volume manufacture.

Dr. Heiko Dittmer
Managing Director

PV+battery (4).png

Christof has made key engineering contributions to Terrajoule since 2016.


Christof Fleischmann
Business Development Engineer

photo - Frederic Bourgault.jpeg

Fred leads the team developing Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator.  He has over 20 years’ experience in multiple fields including aeronautics, wind power and solar power.

Frédéric Bourgault
PHD, Principal Scientist

photo - Ryan Bryde.jpeg

Ryan has made key contributions to the design of Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator.  He has over 20 years' experience in diverse mechanical design challenges.

Ryan Bryde
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

PK_Pic (1).png

Peter has made key contributions to the design of Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator.  He has over 20 years' experience in diverse mechanical design challenges.

Peter Kostka
Senior Mechanical Engineer

photo - Jason Beatch.jpeg

Jason has made key contributions to the automated installation design of Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator.  He has 15 years' experience in diverse design challenges.

Jason Beatch
Mechatronics Engineer

photo - Samson Victor.jpeg

Samson has contributed to the design of Terrajoule's Prefabricated Solar Concentrator, performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to ensure that the lightweight solar concentrator is robust under all wind conditions.

Samson Victor
CFD Specialist

photo - Ares Ho.jpeg

Ares is an accomplished cleantech product commercialization professional, with particular expertise in supplier relationships in Asia.  He researched the supply chain feasibility of the Terrajoule Prefabricated Solar Concentrator.

Ares Ho
Banyanlands Limited. 

photo - Roger Boone.jpg

Roger led the team that advised Terrajoule on implementation details and validated the accuracy of Terrajoule's performance model.

Roger Boone
Senior Project Engineer

photo - Ryan Bloser 2.jpg

Ryan has extensive experience in thermal power engineering. Ryan performed a validation of Terrajoule's performance model using HYSYS and other tools.

Ryan Bloser
Process Engineer

photo - DJ Alemayehu.jpg

DJ leads Samuel Engineering's growth and innovation in renewable energy.

DJ Alemayehu
Director of Strategic Ventures

photo - Clay Boyce 2.jpg

Samuel Engineering's Texas Operations have extensive experience as an EPC for conventional, solar thermal and solar PV power plants.

Clay Boyce P.E.
Director of Engineering-Texas Operations